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Depression is different for everyone. The right treatment is, too.

Partner with a doctor who understands your needs, personalizes your treatment, and sticks with you.

Your Brightside membership includes medication delivery and check-ins with your doctor whenever you need them, all from the comfort of home.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My doctor is not allowed to prescribe the medications he thinks I need.
Posted 1 day ago
I had a care provider that really listened to my concerns and addressed all of my health care issues. After a few weeks, I still had some serious concerns, but I was told to just continue my medication without anything else. I'm currently on the fence about canceling my service, as I am disappointed with the lack of concern for my overall wellbeing.
Posted 1 month ago
Not so sure
Posted 2 months ago
2 stars for connecting me with a health care professional...but that’s about it...and honestly I could have done that on my own. Their platform is supposed to be about convenience and ease. The doctor I have chatted with about my issues with depression was very helpful in talking with me and finding me a good treatment path. However, Brightside, which is supposed to make everything more convenient had made the process a huge struggle. Customer service is horrible and the platform progress is unclear. I’ve been unable to get a response for weeks to simply get an FSA receipt, which was offered to me, among other questions. Forget trying to ask about anything related to the platform or treatment. My mental health physician is located nearby and honestly, they're defeating the purpose of their app due to poor customer service and communication...even my doctor complained about how much radio silence she’s had trying to treat patients with their platform.
Posted 4 months ago
I have enjoyed my time with my doctor, but I didn't receive a check in notification for 2 months when it would have been helpful. I even tried to do a checkin but couldn't find it on the app
Posted 5 months ago
I haven't spoken to a therapist in 3 weeks at least
Posted 5 months ago
Took a long time to start treatment but once they get the ball rolling it can be helpful.
Posted 5 months ago
i don't like how often the psychiatrist has canceled without a headsup - i think that's really unprofessional and possibly dangerous for people dealing with depression. i am grateful however that medication is shipped to me since that is one way the platform is different and gets treatment to those who need it
Posted 6 months ago
It's too expensive. I don't make much money, and I'm in dire straights just to get medication to help cope with my abusive boss. The doctor is very good, but the service advertises itself as concierge, but the doctor has a ton of patients, and really, one should only see him when necessary. I don't recommend Brightside because it's too expensive for most people.
Posted 7 months ago
Not great but if you don’t have insurance, it’s better than trying to get help through traditional psychiatric clinics.
Posted 8 months ago
You need an app that’s accessible. Website platform is annoying to access
Posted 9 months ago
no progress
Posted 10 months ago
I find many of the website’s features frustratingly lacking. I want to be able to send my doctor a message when I need to, not when I want a medication change/adjustment. I should be able to ask about symptoms or side effects at my leisure. What is the point of having a “personalized provider” if they’re not available like an actual doctor. For the amount of money it costs it should be more helpful. Also: the email notifications are glitchy. If it sends me a notice saying I need to take a status questionnaire, if I open it without clicking on the link then the link will never work. If review is needed I should be able to just click on it on the homepage, not be spammed with emails.
Posted 11 months ago
Thanks for your feedback, Megan. Others have had similar feedback about physician messaging and we agree. We've been building that feature and will be releasing it soon, so it's easier for you to communicate with your doctor outside of the formal review process.
Sorry to hear the check-ins have had issues for you - we'll look into it and make sure they're working smoothly.
Posted 11 months ago
Brightside is rated 4.59 based on 676 reviews