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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My provider was fantastic and she listened to me and gave me information, but also asked if I had questions and thoroughly answered every one that I had.

While the service seemed expensive to me at first, I realized that I could use my HSA card as payment.
My HSA provider requested documentation, so I requested a receipt from Done. They sent me one in just a few hours from my initial request through their customer service system.

I'm so glad I spent the money on the consultation. And have signed up for the membership (also using my HSA).

After all this time, I still felt like there was something "wrong" with me, and using Done. helped me to finally figure out that I had ADD that needed to be acknowledged and treated. I feel like an even better version of myself!
Posted 23 hours ago
I spent months trying to find a psychiatrist to get evaluated for ADHD only to find out they were all booked for months. I did a bit of research and was able to find Done. and decided to give it a shot.

I was able to see a Psychiatric Nurse a few days out and the consultation with her was very pleasant and she was very knowledgable and understanding of my situation. She gave me my treatment which I was able to pick up the next day.

I booked a follow up a few weeks later and after consulting with my provider we decided to adjust my dose. Booking a follow up is easy through the portal. After the follow up my treatment was available that night.

I am on my 3rd month now and I was able to request for a refill through the portal and the refill was available for pick up the next day.

1. Cost - For Done., there is a $200 fee for the initial consultation and ~$70 per month after that. To see a psychiatrist in person, the Psych I saw 12 years ago cost $200-$250 per visit and I had to see her in person every month. If your insurance does not cover psych visits this is a definite 10/10.

2. Convenience - Your visits with your provider is through Telehealth (video chat) so it is all done in the convenience of your home. Booking follow ups and requesting refills is done through the website. Response time is about a day or two. 10/10.

3. Impact on My Life - Work from Home due to COVID has been difficult for me. I'm constantly behind in my work and lost with what is going on due to not being able to focus and follow what is going on in video conference meetings. Done has helped me get back on track and get the focus I need to succeed in the workplace. Already a bunch of co-workers have noticed the change. Besides work I was able to start Grad school again, but this time i'm able to stay on track with the curriculum. 10/10
Posted 1 day ago
Easy to start, the website sucks and they will charge you and not refill your meds...
Posted 1 month ago
Not sure if this is a scam or just a poorly run company. Either way, I agree with the previous 1 star reviews. My first 2 months was fine and I received medication. I am now out and can’t log in to talk with my provider or get a refill and I was still charged a membership fee. I have been trying for 3 days now to fix this and no luck. No one answers the phone and they are sending me in circles talking to different emails. I don’t know how they can get away with messing with peoples medication. I will be trying to get my money back.
Posted 1 month ago
Hi Taylor, we apologize that due to the holiday schedules, your clinician was not able to respond to your requests timely last month. We already made sure to send your prescriptions from last month and confirmed you have got it. Patients are our first priority ❤️
Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please message us at if you have any additional questions.
Posted 1 month ago
Scam!!! Don’t believe the reviews!
My first two months went fine and then everyone went silent I have called and called and emailed for two weeks now and now I’m out of medication and can’t get a hold of anyone. I’ve been told that my provider has left and I have no one responding with any answers and I’m getting the runaround nonstop. Don’t waste your money!
Posted 1 month ago
Hi Krista, we apologize that due to the holiday schedules, your clinician were not able to respond to your requests timely last month. We already made sure to send your prescriptions from last month and confirmed you have got it. Patients are our first priority ❤️
Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please message us at if you have any additional questions.
Posted 1 month ago
This is a scam. It starts out well but once you need to get a refill, talk to your provider, schedule an appointment, etc. you cannot get ahold of anyone. The only thing they have is a bogus email communication robot that doesn't do anything other than send you in circles. SCAM.
Posted 2 months ago
Hi Drew, we apologize that due to the holiday schedules, your clinician were not able to respond to your requests timely last month. We already made sure to send your prescriptions from last month and confirmed you have got it. Patients are our first priority ❤️ We are confirming that we already received your request for this month and our refill team will process it get back to you within 48 hours.
Please message us at if you have any additional questions.
Posted 1 month ago
Done helped me manage my ADHD and speak to a professional during this time when finding a professional is nearly impossible due to COVID19. I believe the services that Done provides are professional, effective and affordable.

Within a day or two of booking my appointment, I met with a psychiatrist and went to the pharmacy that same day.
Posted 2 months ago
Do not use this service at all. Don't trust all the positive reviews here either...

Here's the truth. The customer service is god awful. You have no direct contact with the doctor at all. No one answers your call at Done, and the e-mails are all automated.

Messing with the routine of peoples medication is not okay, and this company does not care at all. These platforms should not exist if they perform this level of service.

48 hours and no response. I called them back 10 times. They eventually blocked my numbers.
Posted 2 months ago
I have struggled with ADHD , and mental health my entire life! This year my long time Dr. retired abruptly. And due to COVID , it was impossible to find someone in my area accepting new patients. I stumbled across DONE out of desperation and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. In 20+years of seeing psychiatrist I can truly say I am blown away by Dr. Ortega’s earth, knowledge, care, compassion and dedication to helping me. She makes me feel ( for the first time) that she is not only genuinely interested in helping me. But that she is there to make my life easier, and cares about where I’m at. And about my unique concerns and life. She is the first psychiatrist I have ever seen who doesn’t make me feel judged, trivialized , dismissed . In fact she talk to me like a peer, not a “ patient “. This may sound small , but to anyone who suffers with adult ADHD and the stigma that goes with it, it’s literally life changing. I cried after our first visit . Simply because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that someone finally listened. And treated me with compassion and empathy and encouragement. I cannot recommend her, or DONE enough. Because it has literally been both a life saver , and a life changer for me!
Posted 2 months ago
I am very new to the world of ADHD management through prescription, and I have to honestly say that my life is changed. Dr. Anita Richardson-Sasson is so incredibly helpful and real, as the whole process is with Done. No surprises, everything is simple and about you, the patient. I really could not have asked for a more fair, easy and genuine service. Thank you!
Posted 2 months ago
I was able to get back on my treatment plan while being off for several months due to the pandemic. This improved my life.
Posted 2 months ago
Wow, what can I say? Done has truly excelled in every sense, and has provided me with some of the best medical care I've ever received in my life. Where to start?
Price: The initial fee was an excellent value, and was actually significantly less than I would have paid if I had elected to seek treatment through a local mental health practitioner and used insurance etc.
Provider: My provider was hands-down one of the smartest individuals I've ever met. Here I had been struggling with this issue my whole life, but she knew EXACTLY what I was talking about when I described my symptoms and what I'd struggled with all of these years. I believe she is licensed in 6+ states and has been treating ADHD for decades. She did a wonderful job of explaining her observations, potential treatments, and the risks and benefits of each treatment. She was very frank with me when it came to deciding which treatment was best, but she never once attempted to make any treatment decisions "for me". I can honestly say she helped me feel like I was a partner in my treatment, and that healthcare decisions were in my control. As an adult, being treated so well really went a long way towards making me feel at-ease about seeking treatment for something that I've been needlessly embarrassed about for my entire life. I've never met any healthcare provider that knew their stuff quite like the provider I've found with Done.
Support Team: Done has a WONDERFUL support staff. They were incredibly quick to respond to any concerns I had. In fact, I had to reschedule an appointment last-minute, and they really went the extra mile to make sure I got an appointment that would work for my busy schedule, and were so understanding about the whole thing.
Member Support: Done's member portal is really awesome. They reached out within 2 days of my initial appointment to make sure everything was going okay. The medical records for my initial visit were also available in their portal within 15 minutes or so of my appointment. My prescription was also called in quickly, which I appreciated.

All around, I admit I was skeptical, but Done has truly helped me feel like I was in control of my own life for the first time in my entire life. I feel so much more optimistic about the future, and I can't thank the entire team enough for everything they've done.
Posted 2 months ago
From the initial scheduling to the completion of my first session the entire process was seamless. This is truly a unique platform that helps people who need it, get help, in a time where it is incredibly difficult to get an in person appointment. Being in NYC for over 5 years, it has always been a struggle to find a practitioner to help due to the overwhelming population density, but Done was able to fix that for me.
Posted 2 months ago
Your FUTURE self will thank you!

I was very hesitant to get treated, as I thought this might become addictive but the more I researched this topic the more I became aware of the negative impact it can have in your life if not treated properly.

I'm very grateful that I decided to give Done a chance to help me with my ADHD and cannot be more thankful for the impact it's having in my life so far.
Posted 2 months ago
I'm so happy that I found Done when I did! Going back to college after almost ten years was hard enough. Doing it in the middle of a pandemic seemed impossible. My ADHD symptoms (poor time management, disorganization, trouble focusing) were making it really hard to succeed in my classes.

I've never sought treatment for my ADHD, partly because of stigma and partly because finding a provider is really stressful, not to mention expensive. I'd been seeing advertisements for Done on instagram, and I checked it out on a whim. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made. The process of making an appointment was simple, and I was able to get an appointment the next week. It was also much less expensive than the traditional experience would have been without insurance. My provider, Resheda House, was empathetic and SO helpful. We went over my treatment plan, and she made sure to explain everything in detail, but in an easily understandable way. It felt like we were working together to figure out something that would work.

I honestly can't recommend Done enough. I finally feel like I'm managing my ADHD.
Posted 2 months ago
Done stepped in when I needed them most. I was struggling and needed help but had not found a provider I felt comfortable taking to yet. When I found this service, and saw how user friendly and supportive the team was, I knew it was the right fit. I immediately found a consultation time that worked into my schedule, without a wait, and was matched with a provider fit for my needs. The same day I received the treatment necessary to improve my life! Not only this, but I have received multiple check in emails and support. I feel deeply taken care of and I am so thankful for Done!
Posted 2 months ago
Overall, Done has given me great service so far! I booked a next-day appointment and received a prescription that same day. The provider was super informative and talked me through all my treatment options and their risks/benefits.

Two things I would like them to improve on is the initial payment system and the prescription system. For my initial payment, I put the wrong zip code and my appointment was cancelled 30 minutes after I booked it and answered their intake form. I had to go back and double check everything and redo the form – it would be better if they had you update the payment instead.

I was also confused as to when/how I could get my prescription, as there wasn't a clear notification on the membership website that it was ready for pickup. (There's an email telling you your treatment plan is ready, but that was ambiguous). I had to call CVS to check.

Overall, still an excellent experience. I'd recommend Done to anyone struggling with ADHD.
Posted 3 months ago
Discovering Done was the answer to my prayers! As a new mom dealing with life in our current season, I found myself really struggling to manage my ADHD. I really felt I would benefit from working with a provider who truly understood ADHD and Done offers exactly that! My provider, Kelly, is compassionate and understanding and has worked with genuine care to help me find the right treatment for my needs. The service is super convenient and professional and I love that I can work with my provider from the comfort of my home. Done has been a huge blessing amidst the 2020 chaos we are all experiencing right now!
Posted 3 months ago
Good service! I was able to get an appointment in about a week. My provider was kind and helpful. Price is extremely reasonable and certainly cheaper than going to a psychiatrist or CRNP in person. Medications were mostly paid through my insurance (
Posted 3 months ago
I had previously tried to schedule an appointment with a doctor in my area, but when they rescheduled me for 10 more days out I decided to look for ADHD help elsewhere. I was able to schedule an appointment for only two days out which was extremely helpful and convenient. My doctor was super nice and even allowed me to start on the medication I had said I wanted to try when filling out my initial forums. The monthly cost is very reasonable in my opinion for all the features you're given, such as the ability to contact your doctor any time you need or to have a prescription transferred. I was even sent a text a week into being on my meds with a link to a "checkup" forum, that allowed me to report how I was doing and any side effects I had to my doctor. Based on how great my experience with Done has been I'm sure it will continue that way :)
Posted 3 months ago
Done. is rated 4.35 based on 31 reviews