Flow email sequencing.

Flow is an automation tool that takes your review collection strategy to the next level. 

Segment your audience and set specific sending conditions to create high converting campaigns - and a better customer experience.
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Say the right thing, at the right time.

Easily segment your audience depending on location, what products they’ve bought, even how many social followers they have.  Use these lists to send the right messages - at a time when they’ll have the biggest impact.
  • Follow up email invites for those that have missed the first request.
  • Send a dedicated template to customers in different locations.
  • Set time delays according to geographical data.
  • Send different invitations based on the products purchased.

Set content generation to autopilot.

Use Flow to send automated follow ups based on user actions, and get high quality content faster.

Send reminder emails to those that are yet to respond, and request images and video from anyone that’s left a glowing 5* review.

Flow is a very smart way to communicate to your audience at the right time with the right message.
Otto Mouton
CCO, Jimmy Joy
How Reviews Help Jimmy Joy Engage and Educate its DTC Audience

Improve customer retention.

Segmentation keeps things personal, and that leads to happy customers more likely to shop with you again. 
Flow helps with the not so happy customers too. 3* review rating or less? Send a dedicated support email and get any issues resolved in quick time. 

Trusted by over 8,000+ online brands

Supercharge review collection. Let Flow do the hard work for you.