Seeing is believing with video reviews.

Video reviews are little snippets of your products in the real world, and they really do drive sales. 

In fact, having video reviews on your website - and using them in marketing - has proven to increase conversions by around 20%.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 Rating on Shopify
Where I really see the biggest value from is as another marketing tool. To be able to have honest, genuine reviews from a community of cyclists provides reassurance and clarity.
Matthew White
President of Marketing at MAAP
How MAAP Cycling Apparel Use an Omnichannel Approach for Growth.
Dasha H.
Obsessed! I Love this brand 😍  highly recommend! I've never had any troubles with delivery or returns! Thank you.
Abbie F.
The ring I order it absolutely beautiful – the whole process felt personal and everything was communicated along the way.

Boost the performance of your content.

When surveyed, 76% of consumers said they trust content shared by real customers more than product descriptions. 
Video builds on that trust by making the people and products in a review visibly real. And more trust means more sales. 


Higher conversion over standard reviews


Higher trust signal over text or image content. 

400 people took the time to review us on the first day of collection. — It reinforces we're on the right track and we are growing an audience that likes what we do.
Darin Gersbach,
Owner & founder | KickPush
How Kick Push Achieved Google Seller Ratings in Just One Day
Duart Maclean
My USD Aeons perform great. 😊 Easy to order, fast delivery, laces were even done for me ready to go!
The best brand for boxing!!!! 🥊

Boost the performance of your content.

Device technology means customers can now create high quality video content with their phones. They love making it - and they love watching it. 

UGC is far more effective and insightful than pushy sales tactics and dry product descriptions - boosting the performance of your content.


Review content submitted with video


Higher engagement than brand-generated content

Collect and publish with ease.

Automatically request UGC from your happiest customers, and get publish ready content at your fingertips. 

We’ll notify you of new video reviews by email on a daily basis. It’s then a matter of a couple of clicks to get them published on your site, and across your social networks. 

Bring customer feedback to life. Collect and publish video reviews.