In-Store Reviews

In-store reviews are reviews written by customers who have purchased in a physical store. Our fully customisable in-store review technology makes review collection quicker and easier than ever before.

Customised In-store Review Collection

Understand and measure guest satisfaction by gathering guest feedback & survey responses in the store while they are at the point of experience!

Change the look and feel of the app to match your store's brand or add custom questions to get more insights about your customers' satisfaction.

SMS Review Collection

You can ask your customer for reviews in two ways. These methods include: asking for the review while in-store or asking for an email or phone number and then following up when they have left the store.

Collection via SMS is 3x times more effective than email review collection and 80x more effective than a paper based review request.

SMS Reviews

Companies Collecting
In-store Reviews

In an addition to email review invites, many companies use the in-store app to collect their reviews as well.

Reasons to use the in-store app:

  • Shows how well each store is performing.
  • Collects data from your in-store customers.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Reviews collected in-store are included in seller rating score in Google.
  • Rewards customers with a coupon that drives them back into the store or to your website.

Available on Apple AppStore and Google Play

Whether you're on an iPhone or Android, download the in-store app and start measuring satisfaction and gathering feedback at the most relevant time, while the buyer is still in your store.

Custom Api

Fast Setup

We have created an intuitive in-store app deployment software which means you can set up in-store apps in minutes.

Custom Reports

Higher Conversion

Conversion in store is far greater compared to email review collection. This method of collection is perfect for companies that have physical stores.

Custom Dashboard


Tag reviews with branch name to identify how a particular store is rated.

Your In-Store app should be an extension of your branding and we'll help you get it just right. Our solution is flexible, easy to set up and can be done with just a couple of clicks.
Callum McKeefery, Managing Director at

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