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Collect reviews seamlessly between in-store and online retail with today’s most agile review platform.

When a customer has a great experience, our in-store review app can capture that good feeling at its strongest – and display glowing feedback to the next customers that come through your door.
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Powerful trust signals

Keep customers before they go.

Sharing trust from previous customers builds trust with shoppers, resulting in better conversation and increased AOV. Publishing our review widgets get your reviews working harder, giving more of what the customer needs.

Where I really see the biggest value from is as another marketing tool. To be able to have honest, genuine reviews from a community of cyclists provides reassurance and clarity.
Matthew White
President of Marketing at MAAP
How MAAP Cycling Apparel Use an Omnichannel Approach for Growth.
Quick & simple in-store reviews

Collect more reviews with face-to-face checkout.

Shops, restaurants, car dealerships, tradespeople… our app is ideal for any business that deals with customers face-to-face. Keep it by your checkout, or hand it to your customer and benefit from a near 100% conversion rate.
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The pop up store allowed customers to test and see the products, customers would leave reviews in-store helping online customers, who are unable to see or test the products.
Head of Tech
How VAAY Succeeded With Running a Pop-up Shop
Open & honest

Give customers more reasons to purchase.

Offering in-store reviews tells customers that you care what they think and are genuinely looking for ways to make your service better – and that’s great for conversion rates. When customers feel they’re being listened to, they’re more likely to share those experiences.

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