Net Promoter Score®(NPS)

Get more insight into customer loyalty with NPS

Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is the most important feature you never knew you needed.

With just two simple questions, you can track how loyal consumers are to your brand, and more importantly, how likely they are to tell others about you. 

Improved retention, increased referrals.

Reviews are a valuable asset to both you and the consumer, but there’s one thing they don’t always tell you - how likely a customer is to recommend your products or service in the future. 

NPS answers this question. Track your score, retain your current customers, and drive acquisition through word of mouth. 
Despite being around since 2014, we’re still an unheard of brand online. We need a good reputation both on the website and across third-party sites. It’s imperative to the business.
James Bertram
Marketing Manager | Abbott Lyon
How abbott lyon takes control of their online reputation

Reviews + NPS - the perfect match. is a licensed NPS provider, so you can gather loyalty data and reviews from your customers at the same time. 

Your current NPS, along with trends over time, are displayed in your Timeline. 
The extra word-of-mouth marketing facilitated by for Euro Car Parts is very beneficial in improving our bottom line.
VP Sales at Euro Car Parts

Get the whole picture. Combine reviews with NPS.